Vinyl, DIE and general crafting machines are a hot topic among DIY fans. I like the convenience that they offer, and since now the competition is more fierce than ever the prices really went down for regular crafting machines. Now almost anyone can afford to buy these marvelous machines for their DIY projects.

I use vinyl cutting machines almost daily now, especially Cricut. They offered me some of the best deals I could have made so that is why I choose them all the time.

Now I am not saying that Cricut is the best, just that I found them to be the best in terms of value for the money. That is why I made this selection in the first place, to show you the best brands in the market besides Cricut which is over exposed everywhere.

1. Cricut

Cricut is one of the most important brands to consider in the DIY market. They manufacture some of the best quality machines out there and their prices are competitive as hell. More important is that the compatibility of their machines is better than most others and they continuously improve them by releasing updates and even new units once in a while.

2. Silhouette

After Cricut, I would say that Silhouette is the second most valuable company in the crafting and DIY world. I especially like some of their smaller machines like Silhouette Curio because they are so sleek and easy to maneuver. Since I live in a small apartment, space is very valuable for me and Silhouette is always a perfect choice to move around or even dispose when not in use.

Anyways, to get back to the brand, Silhouette is a really fine company that is also very competitive when it comes to prices. I can’t really say which is better between Cricut and Silhouette since there is no absolute winner, but I can say that I have a tendency to over-evaluate Cricut even when it’s not the case. Sorry! That’s just how I prefer the design and all that.

3. Brother

Brother is kind of like the meh option among all. They make ok machines but I wouldn’t say they stand out with anything special. Maybe the only reason that you would buy them is for the excellent customer service and the brand itself.

4. Roland

Roland is a top of the line company that doesn’t play around when it comes to quality, so you will be pretty impressed to see that they offer high-quality at some reasonable prices. However, there is a catch. They mostly produce high-maintenance industrial cutting machinery, so there is a pretty narrow market of home Roland cutting machines. That is why you should look at the top three companies in the list if you are mainly a home user.

5. Hobbycraft

I will be candid and say that I do not know many things about the Hobby craft brand. They are probably new in the market so at the time of writing this article I have no actual experience with one of their machines, but I heard from my friends that they are increasingly taking over market share from the other established brands. So you might want to check this brand out as well.

These are the five brands that I prefer whenever I want to buy a new cutting machine for all my DIY needs. There are others as well available on the market, but I don’t think any really come close to the quality the four in this list offer. That may be not true anymore in a couple of years or even earlier, but at the moment Cricut, Silhouette, Brother and Roland are my top picks as brands for vinyl, die and diy cutting and crafting.