How to tie a scarf: Instructions

A variety of colours, styles, fabrics and sizes can be met only in every woman’s wardrobe on the scarves shelf. Even if it’s a minor detail in the woman’s wardrobe, it brings charm and great style when worn. Scarves accentuate the femininity and beauty of women, particularly if they are chosen with taste and are correctly accessorized.

The diversity of women’s scarves
It’s always been very difficult for a woman to choose a suitable scarf, when you can find an extremely wide range of this fashion accessory. To tie a scarf around your neck, you must first of all pay attention to its color and size. Also, you should choose a suitable material that goes with your skin because sometimes incongruence can result in irritation, and you must feel free wearing it.

This feminine accessory is made out of almost any fashion fabric, starting with natural wool, cashmere and ending with cotton or artificial fibers. However, the most popular combinations are scarves made of wool, silk and cotton. Depending on the fabric, taking care of them is different – such as washing, trimming etc, it determines their lifespan.

· Rules in choosing a pashminas or a scarf
Scarves necessarily needs to match your outfit. Thus, find below four general rules of choosing the right scarf:

  1. If you choose a monotone outfit, without patterns, then in for the scarf, you can unleash your imagination using your favorite colors;
  2. If your clothing contains various flower patterns, the scarf should be the same color as the color most rarely encountered on your clothes;
  3. If your outfit is composed of a maximum of three colors, then the scarf must one of those colors, even of the shoes, purse, jeans etc.
  4. If you wear a monochrome dress, then it is best to choose a contrasting scarf.

After you choose the right scarf, it is time to know how to tie it correctly. Some women with a rich imagination can tie a scarf in an incredible way with just a few hand movements. For reference, you can find some ways to tie the scarf below:

· Classic French knot – This way to tie a scarf matches one-color scarves. It looks quite gentle and romantic.
Step 1 – Place the scarf along the diagonal axis, opposite corners, place them in row on a strip of about 5-6 cm. In the middle of the scarf there should be the “Adam’s apple”.
Step 2 – Wrap it around your neck, under the chin, and the move it a bit to the side and tie another know, straightening the edges.
· Cowboy style knot – suitable for suits, overcoats and jackets.
Step 1 – Bend the scarf in half on the diagonal axis, thus obtaining a triangle;
Step 2 – Position the biggest angle near the breast, and the other two angles surround them around the neck;
Step 3 – Tie the corners of the neck;
Step 4 – If the scarf is big enough, then you can tie that knot in front, under the great angle.

Most Loved Fashionable Women’s Shirts You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Women’s fashion is a wide term with immeasurable boundaries and vast horizon. A woman’s wardrobe contains as many articles and dresses as much a men’s fashion store would display; it’s hilarious, but a fact! Let’s pick up one small section of shirts and discuss the diversity that is available for women to explore-

Women’s shirts are equally prevalent for casual as well as formal wear. Shirts are available in common, funky, stylish as well as elegant designs that make them suitable for almost every occasion.

Below given options will make you familiar with what women want and when-

Creased, Smoked or Buttoned Blouse for Formal Occasions

To enhance the professional looks of a woman, a blouse works the best! Blouse is available in different fabrics like cotton, silk, Lycia, satin or chiffon. Usually, a blouse has a collar and some buttons in the front. Some blouses also have buttons completely down the shirt. A blouse can be full-sleeved, half-sleeved or sleeveless. They suit women will all sorts of figures. Blouse goes well with jeans, pants and long as well as short skirts.

Spaghetti Shirts to Beat the Heat during Hot and Humid Summers

These shirts have thin spaghetti straps that make them a perfect wear for summer days. Spaghetti shirts are available for casual wear as well as occasional wear. They are suitable for all age groups; be it kids, teenagers, young women, or mature. They are best teamed up with jeans, skirts, and shorts. This type of shirt is usually more suitable for women who have a balanced built and figure. Too skinny or even plump women might look awkward or gauche in spaghetti shirts, although, it’s all about the comfort and ease of the wearer, more than how people like or dislike the dresses.

The All-Purpose T-Shirts to Suit All Ages and Stages

Casual and cool- T-shirts are the most loved shirts by women owing to the fact that they are not just comforting, but are also suitable for all casual occasions, especially during summers. T-shirts never go out of fashion and most women have all basic colors and patterns already stocked up in their wardrobe. When you can’t think of what to wear, simply pull out any T-shirt to keep you comfortable and going! T-shirts are available in round, V-neck as well as collared patterns. They boost up the sporty looks of a woman. T-shirts are best paired with Jeans and Bermudas. They are mainly available in Cotton and Spandex fabrics.

Formal Collared Shirts to Boost Your Professional Poise

Most marketing, as well as management professionals, prefer to wear formal collared shirts that usually have cuffed full-sleeves. Most formal uniforms for women also use collared shirts. Mostly, these types are shirts are available in non-stretchable fabric. Women prefer to wear plain, self-patterned as well as striped shirts to office or work. Some trendy collared shirts are available in funky patterns like polka dots and butterflies all over! They look best when teamed up with pleated pants.

Day-and-Night Camisoles to Keep You Comfortable and Cool

A camisole is a kind of straitjacket that women prefer to wear underneath blouses. Some women also like to wear a camisole under a summer jacket to give their attire a cool and composed look. Camisoles are usually made in soft and cottony fabrics because they touch the skin of the women, so they need to be comforting and not harsh.

Tank Shirts for Women with the Just-Perfect Body Shape

A shirt that covers the upper body of a woman but has no straps or sleeves is called a tank shirt. Tank shirts don’t just look hot; they are very comforting for women who have a reasonably-sized bust-line. They are best teamed up with jeans, skirts, and shorts.

There are several more shirt patterns that are popular among women, but the ones discussed above are the inevitable pieces that no woman would ever want to skip having in her wardrobe!

A Beginners Fashion Guide to Buying Designer Shoes

When it comes to investing our hard-earned money – and okay, using our plastic cards – to buy designer wares, we might as well do it right… Being the label-wearing and designer aficionados that we are, it does help when we get to score off pieces from sample sales, through privileged discounts at our favourite department stores, and such and such. There is, however, the rare occurrence that what we might believe to be is a Prada pair of shoes is actually nada, or the Manolo Blahniks we just acquired are not what we think they are.

Then, of course, there is buying from the established stores themselves; because you won’t be fleeced there but also, some styles go out of stock fairly quickly – and you might even have to have your name wait-listed till the next stock comes in… Buying designer shoes can seem to be a task , but there are ways to approach it, so that you know your money is being spent wisely while acquiring your dream pair of designer shoes.


As was established before, buying designer shoes at full price from the most coveted brands can be a bit of a task, not to mention an investment that will consume much of your savings… It is important to remember, while being a loyal patron of haute couture, consignment shops allow you to find your dream pair of Louboutin pumps or Dior sandals but at relatively affordable rates.

So… what exactly is a consignment shop, you ask???

For the uninitiated, a consignment shop is a clothing or accessories store that sells other people’s clothing and goods. These shops also leave you the freedom to carefully examine pieces at length, unlike when you’re at a branded store that you may or may not find intimidating with the sales assistant following you around…


This involves paying a keen amount of attention to the shoes in question; remember that the best shoes are made completely of leather. There will be an insignia present on the leather construction stating this – and the quality of the leather must feel supple and yet thick. Avoid the pairs that possess thin or stiff leather, this feature attributes to poor quality. When it comes to the stitching and seams, designer shoes should have no seam at the instep. However, the leather of such shoes should be stitched together – never glued.

And one more thing, the interior of the shoes should not possess bulges, bumps or ridges. Basically, the inside seams must never turn outwards! When you are examining the pair of shoes you desire to purchase, definitely observe how the heels, outer soles and inner soles appear. They should not show signs of excessive wear.


Moving to one of the more crucial aspects of this entire process, the size and fit… For starters, your toes should be at least half of an inch between the tip of your big toe and the pointed tip of the shoes (on the inside, of course); this also means that you should be able to flex your toes in the toe enclosure at the tip of the shoe!

Remember that the fit must be snug; slippery heels means that the shoes are too big for your feet which will most definitely be painful to walk about in. Walk around the store for a better idea on how they feel in terms of the fit while you consider the above factors. And don’t forget that your feet might swell up as the day progresses, so do keep your shoe shopping adventures and expeditions for a late afternoon or evening; this is to ensure you find the most appropriate fit of the shoes you’re investing in.


Pat yourself on the back, hooray! Now that you’ve got your babies home, you will and must want to take proper care of them. We recommend investing in a pair of shoe trees; these will help your shoes to retain their shape over time, especially if you wear your shoes on rare occasions. Polishing your leather shoes is a must; cream or wax based polish maintains the colour of your shoes, and keeps the leather clean (and supple). Patent leather shoes can be treated with petroleum jelly for a lustrous finish – be sure to wipe off the excess though before you slip your feet into them.

Iconic Shoes And Bags From The Movies

The movies have introduced us to many a fashion icons over the decades! By fashion icons, we don’t just mean the people themselves but rather the accessories in prominence… From seeing Louis Vuitton luggage trunks being lugged around at bustling train stations in the movies to witnessing the sashaying of Chanel quilted flap purses on lovable movie characters – we’re taking notes on some of our favourites ever witnessed on the silver screen.


Making high-top sneakers more fashionable than they ever were deemed to be, these Adidas sneakers gained instant fame (and recognition) after this very colourful movie hit theatres, last year…

The way Sonam Kapoor has got it going on, nobody is likely to steal her crown as the most fashionable dresser in the film industry any time soon as she continues to carry off labels and statements across movies and galas alike! In this iconic film from 2010, that allowed for viewers to be delightfully treated to current fashions and famous accessories, the Chanel classic flap handbag in quilted lambskin was such a piece that had every young woman (after watching the movie) rushing off to either acquire vintage pieces of the same model or get their hands on originals if they could afford it.

The classic Kelly handbag from Hermès made a rather charming appearance in this 2011 cult film as Farhan Akhtar’s affectionate Bagvati… An iconic piece from their collection, and named after American actress Grace Kelly, this handbag has been a covetable accessory for years now.

Gaining even more credibility than before, Anaita Shroff-Adjania who dressed Deepika Padukone to the nines in this 2012 film, brought these exquisite Kurt Geiger wedges to the limelight with their suede coating and glitter edges… Since then, one has even able to spot several replicas of the iconic shoe across boutiques in prominent Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

The Louis Vuitton set of luxury trunks have been spotted in many international films over the years, but in this 2009 film, they stood out along with the backdrop and vibe of the sixties.

Who can ever forget this proposal perfect for every fashion girl? Pictured in this 2008 film, the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pump was chosen by a certain fictional fashionista to be her “something blue”; oh okay, it was Carrie Bradshaw – it was the same shoe that Mr. Big used in place of a diamond ring to propose to her…

The Devil Wears Prada was a film to remember! Besides taking us through the workings of a powerhouse fashion magazine, this film from 2006 provided an insight into the stylists’ closets filled with commendable names and haute couture… Our favourite was this basically structured Marc Jacobs handbag tote that Andy (Sachs) graciously handed over to her friend Lily in the movie. Le sigh!

The glass slipper from Cinderella has evolved as a concept over the decades through its many film adaptations… The 2015 version of the fairytale classic which features a gorgeous pair of glass pumps created by Sandy Powell for the movie is more magical and dreamy than ever before. We also love all the glass pairs from Charlotte Olympia, Jimmy Choo, Paul Andrew, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. that were inspired by this glacial beauty.