A variety of colours, styles, fabrics and sizes can be met only in every woman’s wardrobe on the scarves shelf. Even if it’s a minor detail in the woman’s wardrobe, it brings charm and great style when worn. Scarves accentuate the femininity and beauty of women, particularly if they are chosen with taste and are correctly accessorized.

The diversity of women’s scarves
It’s always been very difficult for a woman to choose a suitable scarf, when you can find an extremely wide range of this fashion accessory. To tie a scarf around your neck, you must first of all pay attention to its color and size. Also, you should choose a suitable material that goes with your skin because sometimes incongruence can result in irritation, and you must feel free wearing it.

This feminine accessory is made out of almost any fashion fabric, starting with natural wool, cashmere and ending with cotton or artificial fibers. However, the most popular combinations are scarves made of wool, silk and cotton. Depending on the fabric, taking care of them is different – such as washing, trimming etc, it determines their lifespan.

· Rules in choosing a pashminas or a scarf
Scarves necessarily needs to match your outfit. Thus, find below four general rules of choosing the right scarf:

  1. If you choose a monotone outfit, without patterns, then in for the scarf, you can unleash your imagination using your favorite colors;
  2. If your clothing contains various flower patterns, the scarf should be the same color as the color most rarely encountered on your clothes;
  3. If your outfit is composed of a maximum of three colors, then the scarf must one of those colors, even of the shoes, purse, jeans etc.
  4. If you wear a monochrome dress, then it is best to choose a contrasting scarf.

After you choose the right scarf, it is time to know how to tie it correctly. Some women with a rich imagination can tie a scarf in an incredible way with just a few hand movements. For reference, you can find some ways to tie the scarf below:

· Classic French knot – This way to tie a scarf matches one-color scarves. It looks quite gentle and romantic.
Step 1 – Place the scarf along the diagonal axis, opposite corners, place them in row on a strip of about 5-6 cm. In the middle of the scarf there should be the “Adam’s apple”.
Step 2 – Wrap it around your neck, under the chin, and the move it a bit to the side and tie another know, straightening the edges.
· Cowboy style knot – suitable for suits, overcoats and jackets.
Step 1 – Bend the scarf in half on the diagonal axis, thus obtaining a triangle;
Step 2 – Position the biggest angle near the breast, and the other two angles surround them around the neck;
Step 3 – Tie the corners of the neck;
Step 4 – If the scarf is big enough, then you can tie that knot in front, under the great angle.